Georgians Ending Abortion: Petition to Gov. Kemp to End Abortion Now

Georgians Ending Abortion has launched a Personhood Amendment Petition to urge Governor Brian Kemp to support the Georgia General Assembly in passing an amendment to the State Constitution that would recognize the paramount right to life of all human beings as persons at any stage of development from fertilization to natural death.

Immediate action is needed. Several thousand pre-born children may be legally murdered in our state, even with Georgia's 6-week abortion regulation.

Sign the petition to call Governor Kemp to support the Georgia General Assembly's efforts to pass a Personhood Amendment to the State Constitution.  

The recent Supreme Court decision on Dobbs paves the way for Georgians to take bold, decisive action and leave no child vulnerable to death by abortion. By enacting a Personhood Amendment to the state’s constitution, we will lay the foundation to protect all innocent human life, from earliest beginning through natural death — no exceptions. This is the pivotal opportunity we’ve been praying and working for — to do everything in our power to protect hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.

Path to Victory: The Georgia Personhood Amendment

Such an amendment will end the senseless killing in Georgia. It will provide protection, equal justice, and equal rights for all innocent human life at any stage of development, level of dependency, biological sex, physical or mental ability, medical prognosis, manner of conception, contributions to society, age, or race.

This is our historic opportunity to advance a Personhood Amendment in the State of Georgia to put an end to the scourge of elective abortions in this state—and shine a light to other states across the country and around the world.
(June 27, 2022 Press Conference / Press Release

Please SIGN this urgent petition today!

To: Governor Kemp: 

Whereas, the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v Wade, and 

Whereas, as was reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution you stated in 2019 that, “All life has value, all life matters and all life is worthy of protection” and, 

Whereas,  in response to a 2012 non-binding GOP primary question sixty-six percent of voters expressed support for amending the state constitution to grant the “paramount right to life” to all innocent human beings from their earliest biological beginning until natural death; and 

Whereas, innocent pre-born Georgia children may be legally murdered even with Georgia's 6-week abortion regulation because of the broad exceptions it contains; 

Therefore, we urge you support the Georgia General Assembly in passing an amendment to the state constitution which states:

Article I, Section I of the Constitution is amended by adding a new Paragraph to read as follows:

“Paramount right to life. This state shall recognize the paramount right to life of all human beings as persons at any stage of development from fertilization to natural death.” 


Contact: For more information visit the Georgians Ending Abortion page, contact us via email at [email protected], or contact us by telephone to (770) 339-6880.

Who's signing

Scott Singer
Judah Lopez
Angela Cabrese
Corey Chacones
Larissa Loeffler
Debra McCullough
Patricia Harvey
Branden Beringer
Raphael Miller
Jessica Collins
Christopher Smith
Matthew Fuller
Lewis Cooper
Stephen Moodie
Suzanne Swain
Nicholas Zenga
Maria Macconnie
Perry Smith
Tamara Webster
Jeffry Hacker
Greer Pelletier
Alan Brady
Deborah Brady
Sharon Lewis
Justin Erlenbusch
Regina Erlrnbusch
Bradley Pirch
Caden Sanders
Hans Severson
William Lloyd
5,000 signatures

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Pro-Personhood Community Leaders

Abigail Darnell, Georgia Right to Life
Amber Snipes, Exec. Dir., Seneca Choices for Life
Blake Elsberry
Brant Frost V, 2nd Vice Chairman, GA GOP
Carminthia Moore, Candidate, HD-45
Charles Stoker, Freedom of Commerce
Rep. Charlice Byrd, Georgia HD-20
Colton Moore, Senator Elect for SD-53
Dan Becker, Founder-Personhood Alliance
Daphne Nicely, Exec. Dir. Atlanta Morning Center
David McKalip, M.D.
David T. Hamilton, P.C
Derek Keeney
Doug Keener, Candidate, SD-52
Genevieve Wilson, Past-President, Georgia Right to Life  
Jackie Harling, Candidate GA House D-1
Jay Andrews, BLEXIT Georgia 
Jim Nelson, Pro-life Advocate
Dr. Joseph C. Morecraft III, Heritage Presbyterian 
Julie Greco, Chattahoochee Valley United for Life
Kandiss Taylor, Candidate, Governor of Georgia
Karen Cox 
Kim Fletter, Political Activist, NE GA
Dr. Lisa Noel Babbage, Candidate CG-7
Rep. Mitchell Horner, HD-3
Nancy Kerr, Houston Co. RTL
Nick Voyles, Candidate, HD-4
Dr. Paul Broun M.D., Physician
Pastor Parett Smith, Vinings Worship Center
Pat Tippet
Philip Friesen, Elder, Sovereign Grace Church
Rep. Philip Singleton, Georgia HD-71
Ricardo Davis, President, Georgia Right to Life
Sarah Pedro, Warriors For Life 
Shannon Gatewood, West GA RTL
Rep. Sheri Gilligan
Sheryl Sellaway, Righteous PR Agency
Steve Bowman, Dir. of Dev., Georgia Right to Life
Steve Combs, Baldwin Co. RTL
T. Nathaniel Darnell, J.D. CLTC
YG Nyghtstorm, Dir. Religious Outreach, BlakPAC 
Zemmie Fleck, Exec. Dir., Georgia Right to Life 

GRTL Local Chapter Leaders

Andrew Weaver, Paulding County RTL
Bob Stark, Cobb County RTL
Brandi Collins, Okefenokee RTL
Christine Braski, Houston County RTL
Cindy Bartley, Albany RTL
Dan Segal, DeKalb County RTL
Duane Hack, West Georgia RTL
Erin Brown, Franklin County RTL
George Vozniak, Greater Augusta RTL
Hannah Nichols, Bartow County RTL
Jennifer Marks, Bibb-Jones County RTL
Joan Childs, Bibb-Jones County RTL
Julie Greco, Chattahoochee Valley United for Life
Keith Cochran, Northwest Georgia RTL
Lenoris Daniels, Wilcox County RTL
Marsha McCoy, Cobb County RTL
Mike Morris, Athens Area RTL
Nancy Kerr, Houston County RTL
Rachel Lane, Chattahoochee Valley United for Life
Rosemary Risse, Athens Area RTL
Shannon Gatewood, West Georgia RTL
Steve Combs, Baldwin County RTL
Susan Hage, White County RTL
Terry Queen, Walton County RTL
Wanda Freeman, Hall County RTL

Personhood Supporters

Atlanta Home Modifications
Shane Day, Candidate, Whitfield County Commission
Charles Greenewald, Insurance Agent 
Elizabeth Greenewald, Georgia Right to Life 
Matt Kunz
Patricia Kozak, Georgia Right to Life 
Javid Ona, Dir. of Education, Georgia Right to Life 
Property Reformers
Robert Watson, Candidate, HD-12

Contact: For more information visit the Georgians Ending Abortion page, contact us via email at [email protected], or contact us by telephone to (770) 339-6880.