Petition Leaders - Personhood Amendment Petition to Governor Kemp

When you sign the petition online you are sent a Thank You via email with a copy of the petition you can forward to your friends and family.  If they click the petition link in that email then you get credit for signing them up.  

To see your impact, go to the Sign In page under "Create an account" enter the email address you used to sign a GRTL petition then click the "Send Account Activation" button.  Create an account

Once you've followed the instructions to activate your account, go to the use the Petition Points page to see your impact.  You can also use the Spread the Word page to quickly share on your favorite social media.

If you signed via text messaging, you can still track your impact.  Follow the same instructions to "Create an account" then once you've activated your account go to the Spread the Word page to get your sharable web link to the petition.

The Petition Leaders page shows the signers with the most "petition points" earned by signing then promoting the petition using the sharable web link to the petition signers received in their "Thank You" email or from the Spread the Word page.  Tie-breakers are settled by whoever reached the number of points first.  The board updates every few hours.